Special Offer for Research Playbook Readers

No, I am not going to offer you yet another webinar, podcast, free eBook, report, or video.

Special $47.00 Offer!
Questionnaire Audit, One Hour Consult, Book Discount

This offer is about Direct Hands-on Problem Solving:

Purchase the new book Questionnaire Design for Business Research, and you will receive:

  1. A Questionnaire Audit with 30 QC checks (described below)
  2. One Hour of Consulting time to work on your Research Instrument
  3. Plus, I will give you my Author Discount on the book

No strings attached (this is a $500 value).

This Special Offer is perfect for anyone serious about:

  • Raising the bar on questionnaire design in his or her organization
  • Finding a cost-effective way to start designing a questionnaire
  • Preparing for the next market research project
  • Improving his or her research skills

IMPORTANT: To reserve your copy of Questionnaire Design for Business Research and schedule your Questionnaire Audit and One Hour of Consulting you must:
Email us info@atheath.com or call 508 400 6837

This offer is only good until the book’s official release date of June 1, 2010 – So Don’t Wait!

“I want to get this book in your hands.

You can schedule your Audit and Consult session for anytime up to Dec. 31, 2010.

Questionnaire Design for Business Research provides valuable lessons to help you with an array questionnaire best practices.

The Questionnaire Audit checks your research instrument using 30 quality checks for a detailed assessment and provides an overall Questionnaire Quality Control (QQC) score.

How to Interpret Audit QC Scores
Audit QC Score Recommendations
Scores of 95 or higher You’re a pro. Let’s make it perfect!
Scores of 85 to 94 Great job. No sense in stopping now go for perfection.
Scores of 75 to 84 You’re clearly doing a number of things right but you have a couple of blind spots. Let’s shine some bright lights in those areas.
Scores of 65 to 74 There are several areas where improvements can probably be made before you go any further.
Scores of 55 to 64 If this is the final version you may want to consider seeking help.
Scores below 55 Perhaps this is not a final version. If it is, we recommend you seek help.

Consulting Time will help you put it all together with confidence!

Just Want the Book?
This book will be formally release on June 1, 2010. However, it is available now directly from the author.

It is also available from the publisher’s website: http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-61566-835-9

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