Milestones in the Primary Research Continuum

In a series of posts, we will explore ways to derive the maximum value from primary research studies. To achieve this objective we use nine milestones, which collectively we will call the Primary Research Continuum. (PRC)

Each of the nine major milestones in the PRC builds on the work of milestones that precede it. While we will discuss each milestone, one at a time, the truth is much of the work occurs in parallel. However, the final step is only as good as the quality of the steps that preceded it.

The final step of providing insights, implications, conclusions, and on occasion recommendations is the “Holy Grail” of the research endeavor. Short of this, we leave significant value untapped and none of us wants our work to become shelf-ware, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get started.

Nine Milestones in the Primary Research Continuum

  1. Develop and Refine Project Objectives
  2. Design the Research Approach
  3. Design the Research Instrument
  4. Analysis Plan
  5. Sample Plan
  6. Sample Development and Data Collection Methods
  7. Analytics
  8. Reporting
  9. Presentation of Results, Implications, Conclusions, and Recommendations

The full value of the research engagement is achieved when the results provide consultative outcomes based on empirical data. This may appear obvious, but it is an important point. Its one thing to say the words it is much harder to deliver on these words.

In this series, we will briefly discuss each of the nine milestones above and then in subsequent writing continue to discuss “How to” issues. Once you have finished reading the series your research IQ will be a few percentage point higher and very likely (unless you’re a 20 year veteran with two PhD degrees) higher by 5-10%.

Stay tuned for the start of this new series very soon!

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